Boho short for bohemian includes a different variety of patterns, textures, and a mix of colors. It is a new sensation in terms of home decor. The key to boho decor is its relaxed and carefree arrangement of the patterns because it is thinking outside the box, it’s random, eclectic, and a variety of structure and order. In contrast of minimal boho home decor embraces a “more is more”philosophy.

What is Boho Decor in home decor

There are no set rules to achieve this trend in home decor being its core is personal. You can be more subtle by mixing few key touches to your space. With a neutral palette and a few wild patterns are absolutely stunning and look super relaxed and calm. The key to using decorative materials in boho decor is to mix and match.

Boho Decor

Everything you need to know about boho home decor

Boho home decor/style is century old and it was originated in the 19th century in Paris, France. The overall look is as complicated or as clean as you want it to be. But this is a style where there is no such thing as “too much “or “too less”

How to add boho vibe in your home decor

This look can be achieved by following ways.

.Adding jute baskets

.Planters of different patterns(Metal/wooden/ceramic)

.Wooden furnitures


.Persian Carpets

.Ottomans, poufs of bright colors and fiber rugs

.Macrame wall hanging and costers and mats.

.Mirror and metallics

.Adding vintage accesories

.Handmade goods and painting

Renovate your old space area by putting some low seating arrangement hang a macrame tapestry throw some cozy and colorful cushions of different textures and sizes add some layer for warmth stack a pile of your favorite books put some lightings and don’t forget to add lots of plants around. Voila, it works like magic to your space.

What to avoid in boho decor


.Matching entire decor

.Black color palette and dark interiors


Imperfections are good and when it comes to bohemian decor nothing can be more right. This does not ask to be perfect. There is no rule of matching decor such as-from bedsheets to curtains and carpets need to be matching. Furnishing should be complemented with different textures and patterns and not matching in the same color and texture.

Boho decor color pallete

Warm earthy colors and are the base of bohemian decor. Shades like brown, greys, and greens set the base for space. Feel free to mix patterns and textures, and don’t be afraid to use the style that would not necessarily go together.

Furnishings and furniture in bohemian home decor

Layer rugs, pillows, carpets and throws and more throughout the space, because there is no such thing as too much in this style.Add vintage accessories and souvenirs to create more variety to your decor.You can also add succulents or ferns for a refreshing pop of color.


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